Life is..

a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood..

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"Because it's the power of earth that
 grounds and stabilizes us"

Consider the ground you are walking on as a solid fact. Are you aware of how practical we all are by taking one step at a time? Or by taking a step back? The moment we really experience the ELEM3NTS of EARTH, these are the precious moments we capture with our logical minds. Be amazed by Mother Earth while walking through forests, grass or flower fields and cherish the moments with loved ones while taking the time to recharge.

Astrological zodiac signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

"Because it's the power of water that shows
us our feelings and intuïtion"

In ancient beliefs we find inspiring stories about the nurturing ELEM3NT of WATER. And even now, we use water to benefit our human existence. Even in dreams water represents our intuïtion and deepest emotional states. Have you ever wondered about how nature shows her emotions through precious oceans, rivers and rainfall? Let's be honest.. isn't it life itself, who is letting us swim through challenges and lessons  to gain our profound wisdom?
Astrological zodiac signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio


"Because it's the power of air that moves us gracefully
towards our greatest goals"

While looking up to the sky.. let your mind run through the different shapes of the clouds, while embracing a fresh breeze of the ELEM3NT of AIR around you. Perhaps you can analyze how the birds flying.. Use your intellect on how these birds use their magnificant wings. What is it air does to you.. Feel.. Share your thoughts and teach the "philosophy of flowing" through crowds and conversations.
 Inhale, exhale.. Just breathe the air.

Astrological zodiac signs: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra

"Because it's the power of fire that fuels our inner drive and transforms us"

Fire drives nature in every aspect internally, externally and energetically. Some say it's the colors of the flames, others feel drawn to the warmth. Some say it's the sense of burned wood, others experience the light as pleasant. Individuals that have the ELEM3NT of FIRE within them are inspirational, energetic, confident, drawn into taking action, they are all about excitement & passionately exploring the world's wonders. However, everybody has the ability to transform since life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Astrological zodiac signs: Aries, Leo, Saggitarius
As an empowerment coach,
 It's warming my heart to work with people to be the best version of themselves. Before starting each coaching and painting session, I make sure i'm tuned in intuïtively. It's my mission to help others recognize and break unefficient patterns, so we are able to reframe old beliefs to new positive perceptions. While building the bridge between logic reasoning and the matters of the heart, I help you in setting goals, gaining back your confidence and following your inner drive. Because you deserve to shine in your own unique way!
As an artist,

I find it extremely fascinating to create abstract art paintings inspired by the ELEM3NTS of nature. Our world has so much wisdom and beauty to share. I believe that every individual cherishes
a talent to give back in return, something thats from your unique soul only. That's why I strive and pursue the journey to capture earth's visions in each art piece through seasons, landscapes and ambiances around us.
This is what art means to me.
Have you found your inner sparkle?



It started in 2020 with the idea of ​​authentically sharing some joy with the world, the concept of the ELEM3NTS was born. The inspiration is all around us, in nature, in ourselves but also in the personalities of everyone we meet. Everything is energy. The intention is toto capture the beauty of the earth and to let it flow through coaching and artworks from STUDIO ELEM3NTS. The number 33 became visible in life as a synchronicity. For all seeking, this number contains a loving reminder of our universal light and unique creative abilities. Have you discovered your sparkle yet?


With the psychological methodologies of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness and holistic approaches you develop in the (creative) coaching sessions of STUDIO ELEM3NTS your intuitive skills to create an efficient balance between your logical reasoning and matters of the heart. With a journey through the four ELEM3NTS: EARTH, WATER, AIR & FIRE you will discover where your strengths lie and how you can use those strengths in your process. Even in your interior we can delight you with our abstract art expressions. Make yourself aware, you deserve to shine. Which ELEM3NTS define you?


As dreamy as it may sound to some, the ultimate simple goal is to make the world
to be filled with light and happiness. Through the coaching program and the soulful abstract art collections we strive to promote the balance in the state of mind of man and nature. STUDIO ELEM3NTS is committed through donations and volunteer work. Every year we share a part of our income to partner organization "Adopteer Regenwoud" and the "NL Cares" foundation. Together we achieve more! where we use raw materials from nature to create the works of art, that's why we want to give back to the resources of the earth.


For just €2,50 you can adopt 1 m² of rainforest in Costa Rica
and help them protect the forest and its biodiversity.

NL Cares is the platform for flexible volunteer work. They focus on
vulnerable groups such as: the elderly, children, people with disabilities,
 migrants and the homeless.
Volunteering at NL Cares is accessible and inspiring.